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Weekly wage may average 2 wages for workers' compensation amount

When a worker in New York City is injured at work, the injuries suffered must be covered by workers' compensation benefits, which is a basic principle of coverage applicable in all states. What happens when the worker has two jobs and is injured when off duty for his or her main job? It depends on the facts, but every worker must be covered for workers' compensation benefits by each employer for whom he or she works.

Workers' compensation carrier uses computer models in treatment

For New York City construction workers and other workers in the city, chronic pain is a central aspect of many workplace injuries. A major workers' compensation insurer, Travelers, has initiated a predictive model that it asserts focuses more intensively on the worker's treatment needs sooner after the injury occurs. This allegedly results in a shorter recovery period and counters the use of opioids in the treatment of such pain.

Workers' compensation problems proliferate for temp workers

An issue in all states concerns the plight of temporary workers. Temp workers usually are treated as second-class citizens regarding their rights to training, safety measures and the collection of workers' compensation benefits. Temp workers in New York City are often in the nonunion sector where workers are injured more often due to a lack of training and lesser safety protections.

Employer can't fire a worker for claiming workers' compensation

When a worker is injured on the job in New York City, he or she will be eligible for workers' compensation benefits for any medical care necessary to recover from the injury. If the worker not only receives medical treatment but is also disabled and unable to go back to work for any period of time, then lost wages are paid as per state workers' compensation statutes. It often occurs that the worker remains disabled in the opinion of the treating physician, but in the opinion of the physician retained by the employer, the worker can go back to work immediately.

Workers' compensation covers landscapers in construction work

This is approaching the time of the year when outdoor work, including landscaping, will pick up. In the construction industry in New York City and elsewhere, landscaping may be a vital and critical activity employing many workers. As with any other work activity, the employer is responsible for workers' compensation benefits for every landscape worker that is injured at work.

Workers' compensation system needs a new perspective

New York City workers face the same problems that exist nationwide with respect to collecting benefits after a work-related injury occurs. Workers' compensation is a system that has worked better for employers than employees in many respects. Experts in the field, however, believe that it is time for the focus to switch more to the needs of injured workers.

Did you go to work fine and return home injured?

Nowadays in New York or elsewhere, most people with jobs are simply glad they have one, whether their line of work is rather mundane, exciting or even dangerous. Since unemployment levels soared in recent years, many people are willing to do almost anything just to earn a regular income that helps make ends meet. Some people may not even realize the work they do can place them at risk for injuries. Of course, many jobs are inherently dangerous, and their risks are more obvious.

Workers' compensation may be paid for occupational fatigue

There is no doubt that fatigue represents a substantial contributor to workplace injuries in New York City and throughout the country. Sometimes the worker may attempt to sleep too little and work too many jobs and hours at one time. In other instances, fatigue may be created by the job itself or the hours when the job must be performed. In that sense, occupational fatigue is a workplace illness or injury that is compensable by workers' compensation benefits when it manifests in the worker's disability and inability to temporarily or permanently continue doing the job.

Workers' compensation benefits will go to dead worker's family

There are many dangers that workers in New York City face every day. Some are common and expected, and others may be totally unforeseen. An accident of the latter kind took place recently on the upper East Side when a doorman at an apartment building fell and died while on the job, thus qualifying his next of kin for death benefits under the workers' compensation laws.

Employers arrested for not having workers' compensation coverage

It is a violation of the workers' compensation law in New York, including in New York City, for an employer to not obtain workers' compensation coverage for its employees. Recently, the state Inspector General arrested two employers for the workers' compensation crime of Failure to Secure Compensation. Each of the employers were ordered to pay fines and surcharges provided by law.

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