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4 questions you may have about workers' compensation

After suffering a serious injury while on the job, you may have many questions regarding how to handle the predicament. Many individuals experience confusion and uncertainty after such an incident because more factors go into addressing the situation than expected, especially when it comes to receiving workers' compensation. Therefore, you should not feel discouraged if you do not immediately know how to move forward.

Workers' compensation problems proliferate for temp workers

An issue in all states concerns the plight of temporary workers. Temp workers usually are treated as second-class citizens regarding their rights to training, safety measures and the collection of workers' compensation benefits. Temp workers in New York City are often in the nonunion sector where workers are injured more often due to a lack of training and lesser safety protections.

Employer can't fire a worker for claiming workers' compensation

When a worker is injured on the job in New York City, he or she will be eligible for workers' compensation benefits for any medical care necessary to recover from the injury. If the worker not only receives medical treatment but is also disabled and unable to go back to work for any period of time, then lost wages are paid as per state workers' compensation statutes. It often occurs that the worker remains disabled in the opinion of the treating physician, but in the opinion of the physician retained by the employer, the worker can go back to work immediately.

Construction injuries may lead to workers' compensation issues

Construction workers generally endure a high-risk factor for on-the-job injuries. Regarding the incidence of construction injuries in New York City and elsewhere, a lot may depend on whether the employer imposes sufficient safety protections at the worksite. Studies report that in many non-union sites employers are lax on safety protections due to a relative lack of oversight.

Man suffers workplace injuries in explosion while welding

Regardless of the occupation, there are certain risks associated with it. Both workers and employers in New York City work to ensure that health and safety standards are met, but many hazards are difficult to anticipate. Unfortunately, one man in another state recently suffered workplace injuries in an explosion.

Dropping tools on some construction sites can prove deadly

Did you know that statistics of safety violations issued for the lack of fall protection include tools? The probability of dropping tools is extremely high, and when it happens high up on a scaffold, even a small piece of equipment can cause death. Imagine a small car striking an area of one square inch -- the force would be similar to an eight-pound wrench that drops from a height of 200 feet. It would hit the ground -- or anything in its way -- with a 2,833-pound per square inch force.

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