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Fall down elevator shaft causes fatal construction injuries

The number of accidents that occur on building sites in New York City has been the subject of many discussions and calls for increased compliance with safety regulations and more employee training. Construction workers in New York have been dying at an unacceptable rate. In one recent incident, a 22-year-old work suffered fatal construction injuries.

Trenches can pose extreme danger to construction workers

Construction workers in New York will likely face excavation hazards on almost every project. Trenches are some of the most dangerous places in which to work. Many construction company owners disregard the safety regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the New York City Department of Buildings, putting the lives of their employees on the line.

Safety training and education can reduce workplace injuries

Roofing contractors are involved in both new construction, repairs and renovations in New York City. Safety-conscious companies report that workplace injuries and workers' compensation claims are reduced by a policy of safety training and continuing education for roofing workers. Statistics show that the two biggest areas of injuries and claims are falls and heat illnesses.

Workplace illnesses may be covered by workers' compensation

The typical workers' compensation award among workers in New York City is usually seen as a traumatic impact event. A worker gets in a vehicular accident, someone falls from a ladder or a runaway forklift crushes a worker -- to name a few examples. However, modern workers' compensation statutes may also cover some disabling workplace illnesses. These cases are not typical, and they may require extra attention in documenting and proving the work-related causation that is at play. 

Construction injuries suffered by workers in runaway elevator

Elevator accidents involving construction workers are fairly common in New York City. These often occur with new systems being installed and tested in new construction, or they can sometimes occur under various circumstances in older buildings. Construction injuries stemming from elevator accidents are clearly within the scope of work-related injuries that are entitled to collect workers' compensation benefits. 

Excessive fatigue often causes serious workplace injuries

It is no secret among New York City workers and employers that fatigue can cause injuries at work, at home and out on the road. The National Safety Council published a report recently verifying that 97 percent of American workers believe they have at least one of the major risk factors for fatigue. Wherever focus and sustained attention are necessary, such as in the construction trade, workplace injuries trend higher due to fatigue.

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