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Serious construction injuries must be properly documented

Construction injuries in New York City and elsewhere often put an injured worker in a position of reliance on workers' compensation benefits. The family may have to struggle to maintain its prior standard of living after a key member suffers construction injuries. That is why every effort must be made by the individual or members of his or her family to stay informed and on top of the benefits process as it unfolds.

Fall down elevator shaft causes fatal construction injuries

The number of accidents that occur on building sites in New York City has been the subject of many discussions and calls for increased compliance with safety regulations and more employee training. Construction workers in New York have been dying at an unacceptable rate. In one recent incident, a 22-year-old work suffered fatal construction injuries.

Construction injuries suffered by workers in runaway elevator

Elevator accidents involving construction workers are fairly common in New York City. These often occur with new systems being installed and tested in new construction, or they can sometimes occur under various circumstances in older buildings. Construction injuries stemming from elevator accidents are clearly within the scope of work-related injuries that are entitled to collect workers' compensation benefits. 

Construction injuries include high voltage electrical accidents

New York City continues to enjoy a period where construction work is booming. Despite the positive economic news that comes with that fact, there is always an increase of construction injuries at the same time. At the height of the increased work activities, employers and other responsible entities must keep a lookout for dangerous conditions at construction sites.

Construction injuries send 3 to hospital after collapse in Queens

Multiple people risked their lives at a rescue operation in New York City on a recent Tuesday afternoon. Three workers suffered construction injuries in a partial collapse of a building in Queens. After using every piece of equipment on the FDNY rig, firefighters managed to save the lives of three victims.

The hazards of working beneath the earth

There are probably numerous things you enjoy about your construction job. Maybe you like the physical labor, working outdoors and the good people who work alongside you. Hopefully, you make good money to enable you to support your family. Obviously, there are things you may hate about your job, such as the long hours and the way your back feels in the morning.

Construction injuries befall 13 workers due to building collapse

Construction sites in New York City and elsewhere sometimes involve the collapse of part or all of a building that is under construction. This happened in another state recently when an apartment complex unit under construction collapsed, injuring 13 workers. In the realm of construction injuries, these were relatively gruesome, although fortunately no one died.

Employer charged after 1 death, 2 construction injuries at site

One of the cardinal rules of workers' compensation is that the employee cannot sue the employer. As a trade-off, claims are supposed to be paid quickly and without hassle, regardless of fault. Regarding construction injuries and related mishaps, that premise often has resulted in greater benefit to the employer and substantial hardship to the employee, both in New York City and nationwide.

Construction injuries may lead to workers' compensation issues

Construction workers generally endure a high-risk factor for on-the-job injuries. Regarding the incidence of construction injuries in New York City and elsewhere, a lot may depend on whether the employer imposes sufficient safety protections at the worksite. Studies report that in many non-union sites employers are lax on safety protections due to a relative lack of oversight.

Push for protection against construction injuries grows stronger

Construction workers continue to amass support in their drive to implement mandatory apprentice training of new workers in the industry. Recently, the firefighters' unions and the transport workers union in New York City joined the Building Trades Council to promote such training. Because untrained non-union workers in the city suffer most of the construction injuries and deaths each year, the training programs have become a rallying cry for union workers seeking progress.

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