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Fatal workplace injuries claims life of Amazon employee

Employees of Amazon in New York City may have heard about the death of one of their colleagues in a neighboring state. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that it had opened an investigation into an incident that occurred on a recent Tuesday. A 28-year-old Amazon employee suffered fatal workplace injuries.

Workplace injuries are covered through workers' compensation

In New York City, construction workers and those who work at the airports on airplane maintenance have at least one thing in common: they may be hit by flying or spinning projectiles or machine parts while at work. When workplace injuries occur from such mishaps, the worker is entitled to collect workers' compensation benefits to the extent of any medical expenses incurred. Benefits also apply for statutory lost wages created by a partial or total disability that precludes continuing to work.

Workplace injuries caused by runaway bus in New York City

Suffering from on-the-job injuries can be overwhelming for any New York City employee. They not only face mounting medical expenses, but they may worry about lost income as they have no other choice but to miss work as they heal. Fortunately, employers provide workers' compensation coverage to assist with related accident expenses. Many victims of workplace injuries find that the help of an attorney can be beneficial as they file a claim. One man suffered serious injuries due to a runaway bus in Queens.

Safety training and education can reduce workplace injuries

Roofing contractors are involved in both new construction, repairs and renovations in New York City. Safety-conscious companies report that workplace injuries and workers' compensation claims are reduced by a policy of safety training and continuing education for roofing workers. Statistics show that the two biggest areas of injuries and claims are falls and heat illnesses.

Excessive fatigue often causes serious workplace injuries

It is no secret among New York City workers and employers that fatigue can cause injuries at work, at home and out on the road. The National Safety Council published a report recently verifying that 97 percent of American workers believe they have at least one of the major risk factors for fatigue. Wherever focus and sustained attention are necessary, such as in the construction trade, workplace injuries trend higher due to fatigue.

Child care workers suffer a high incidence of workplace injuries

Child care workers in New York City and nationwide are exposed to a high percentage of injuries and illnesses through their work activities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that child care workers are 18 percent more likely to experience a lost-time injury on the job than the general working population. Workplace injuries and illnesses to that group of workers has engendered efforts to pass legislation to try and prevent or lessen the injuries with better training.

Healthcare workers falling prey to increasing workplace injuries

Not only do healthcare workers in New York City face the usual work injuries regarding slips, falls, sprains and other lifting injuries, but they are increasingly facing the specter of being victims to violence-related work injuries. Reliable statistics indicate about a 65 percent increase in workplace injuries that are violence related for all healthcare workers from 2012 through 2014. The increase for nurses was 55 percent for the same period.

Safe + Sound Week intends to reduce workplace injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor recently announced that it is creating a "Safe + Sound Week," which will take place on June 12 to 18, 2017. This will be a nationwide effort to have businesses and organizations work in a wide variety of industries to raise awareness of workplace safety and health. Several national safety organizations are already on board in supporting the event. In New York City, there is always a need for more efforts to join the community in promoting safe working conditions and for the reduction of workplace injuries.

Workplace injuries hit new workers in greater numbers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that about 40 percent of injured workers are in their first year on the job. Why do new workers have such a high risk of injury in their first year? In New York City and nationwide, the reasons for many first-year workplace injuries follow a pattern that employers must work to change.

Man suffers workplace injuries in explosion while welding

Regardless of the occupation, there are certain risks associated with it. Both workers and employers in New York City work to ensure that health and safety standards are met, but many hazards are difficult to anticipate. Unfortunately, one man in another state recently suffered workplace injuries in an explosion.

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