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Child care workers suffer a high incidence of workplace injuries

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Child care workers in New York City and nationwide are exposed to a high percentage of injuries and illnesses through their work activities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that child care workers are 18 percent more likely to experience a lost-time injury on the job than the general working population. Workplace injuries and illnesses to that group of workers has engendered efforts to pass legislation to try and prevent or lessen the injuries with better training.

Child care workers suffer an inordinate amount of back injuries, slips, falls and exposure to illnesses. In one state, legislators are trying to make training mandatory and to provide the programs at the government’s expense. A healthier work force would logically mean a healthier group of children under their care.

The loss of child care workers to injuries and illnesses causes a chain effect that impacts the family of the children and the job duties of other workers who must take up more than they normally would encounter. That cycle promises a spiral of further illnesses and accidents, making the goal of preventive training a strong government policy to pursue. One issue is that some daycare facilities don’t provide workers’ compensation insurance.

Every employer in New York City and elsewhere must generally provide insurance for workplace injuries and illnesses. When an employer does not furnish that benefit, the worker should immediately report the matter to the authorities or obtain a consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney to go over any problems that exist. When workers in the child care industry are not provided with clear and adequate procedures for making claims for benefits relating to workplace injuries or illnesses, or whenever there are suspicious irregularities of that kind, the worker will be well-advised to take immediate corrective action.

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