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Construction injuries send 3 to hospital after collapse in Queens

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Construction Injuries

Multiple people risked their lives at a rescue operation in New York City on a recent Tuesday afternoon. Three workers suffered construction injuries in a partial collapse of a building in Queens. After using every piece of equipment on the FDNY rig, firefighters managed to save the lives of three victims.

Reportedly, the incident occurred around 4 p.m. at a residential building for which an additional floor is being constructed. A load of building material that had been loaded onto the roof by a crane proved to be too heavy, causing the roof to collapse. Thousands of pounds of construction materials crashed through the roof and the second story.

One critically injured worker, age 37, managed to get himself out of the building, but two others were trapped under the rubble. Rescuers apparently managed to get a 40-year-old-worker out within a short period. They then had to proceed with the complicated rescue of a 28-year-old worker who was buried under masses of building material, including concrete, boards, bricks and other debris.

FDNY rescuers struggled for over an hour before the worker was extricated and rushed to the hospital. Reportedly, two of the workers suffered critical injuries, and the third one was in a serious condition. Any victims of construction injuries in New York City may pursue financial assistance to help them cope with medical expenses and lost income. Temporary disability benefits are typically included in workers’ compensation benefits for those whose injuries prevent them from returning to work for some time. Navigating benefits claims at such a difficult time can be challenging, and many injured workers seek the support and guidance of an experienced workers’ comp attorney to help them.

Source: NBC New York, “3 Construction Workers Injured After Renovation Materials Drop Through Roof of Astoria Building“, Michael George, June 20, 2017