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How credibility impacts your workers’ comp claim

by | May 6, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

To receive workers’ compensation for your injury or illness, the timeline for filing a claim is crucial. Missing the filing deadline can cost you a claim that is otherwise eligible for a payout.

Claims are often denied due to delays in filing the claim or failing to report the injury in a timely manner. However, there are other aspects of credibility that could also sabotage your chance of claim approval.

Too many complaints

An employee cannot be legally denied workers’ comp benefits because of a prior claim, but it does raise suspicion if there is a history of claims on your employment record. Multiple claims for similar incidents over the years could send the signal that you are only looking for an easy payout.

Injury timeline

Though it is possible for an injury to occur during any day of the week, opening an injury claim as your first act of business on Monday could send up a red flag. Fraud often occurs when employees seek a payout for an injury that took place over the weekend or while off work. If there is a history of absenteeism or a missed workday followed immediately by an injury claim, consider the possibility that your credibility may come into question.

Vague injury reports

An injury report that does not contain solid details of what transpired may raise questions. Filing a report with witnesses’ statements, full details and as much information that you can remember solidifies the strength of your claim.

Minor incidents are just as eligible for workers’ compensation as serious injuries. Avoid damaging your credibility and giving a reason for a denied claim.