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Workers’ compensation covers landscapers in construction work

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

This is approaching the time of the year when outdoor work, including landscaping, will pick up. In the construction industry in New York City and elsewhere, landscaping may be a vital and critical activity employing many workers. As with any other work activity, the employer is responsible for workers’ compensation benefits for every landscape worker that is injured at work.

Often the landscaper will be a subcontractor on the job. That subcontractor is the employer to whom the landscape employee goes for the processing and payment of the claim. A landscape worker should be familiar with the specified procedure for reporting an injury.

It is critical for all workers to report an injury to the person on-site who is designated to receive such claims. In any event, matter must be reported to one’s foreperson. In addition, it is necessary to request immediate emergency services where there is an injury. It is generally poor procedure to try and keep working when there is a clear injury.

The landscaper may be exposed to many hazards at work, including fumes, other airborne contamination, and  flying stones and wood particles. Fall injuries are common for those who do work on trees or venture onto other high places. It is also necessary for the employer to supply necessary head gear and other protective devices where appropriate.

The landscaper should take all safety precautions recommended by the employer or by a state or federal agency. Again, the important protocol must always be followed in New York City construction work when an accident occurs. Following the protocol will best expedite the payment of workers’ compensation benefits. To find out the recommended procedures for each industry, the worker should seek out the online services provided by applicable state and federal agencies.

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