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Why might a claim for workers’ compensation get denied?

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

If you get sick or hurt on the job, you may very well have questions about workers’ compensation benefits. These are benefits made available to people who suffer a work-related illness or injury. However, you might find that actually securing these benefits is more difficult than you expected.

For instance, even if you think you have a clear-cut case for compensation, you could still have your claim denied. Knowing why workers’ compensation claims are denied can help you understand the importance of filing a comprehensive, accurate and timely claim.

Common reasons why a workers’ compensation claim is denied

  1. A claimant failed to show that the injury or illness was suffered on the job or as a direct result of employment.
  2. The employer was not required to provide this type of coverage for workers.
  3. The injured party was not eligible for these benefits.
  4. The injury or illness was not eligible for compensation.
  5. Proper notification to the employer was not made in time.
  6. The employer did not properly report the injury.
  7. The injured worker did not receive care from an authorized provider (expect in cases of emergency).

Under any of these circumstances, the Workers’ Compensation Board may deny a person’s request for compensation.

Employees may be largely unaware of the specifics of a workers’ compensation claim and what needs to happen and be proven in order for benefits to be made available, which can make it easier to make some costly mistakes.

Rather than hope for the best or assume you’ll figure out the system on your own, it can be wise to consult an attorney who is experienced in filing, defending and appealing workers’ compensation claims in New York. Having this support and guidance can help you get the benefits and care you deserve.