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Serious construction injuries must be properly documented

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Construction Injuries

Construction injuries in New York City and elsewhere often put an injured worker in a position of reliance on workers’ compensation benefits. The family may have to struggle to maintain its prior standard of living after a key member suffers construction injuries. That is why every effort must be made by the individual or members of his or her family to stay informed and on top of the benefits process as it unfolds.

Fall injuries are among the most common for construction workers. A recent example is that of a 49-year-old worker who was critically injured when he fell from one floor to the level below in a building under construction. The man had been laying sheet metal on the sixth floor when he fell to the fifth floor.

The accident occurred in a building in downtown Jersey City. The worker fell through an opening in the concrete floor, according to police reports. He received serious injuries to his head, chest, ribs and right leg, along with difficulties breathing. Later that evening, he remained in critical condition in the intensive care section of Jersey Medical Center.

It is unlikely that an individual with life-threatening injuries will be able to return to work within just a few days. If he can recover his pre-accident strength, it may take weeks, if not months. In some cases, seriously injured workers may be rendered permanently disabled and unable to work at all.

During a period of disability from construction injuries, an injured worker is entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits. That includes all medical expenses and a portion of his lost wages each week that he remains disabled. In New York City and elsewhere, it sometimes becomes a contentious issue between the employer and the employee regarding whether the injured worker has recovered enough to do his prior work or even a light-duty job. When a worker encounters lack of cooperation from the employer or the workers’ compensation carrier, it is usually the time to take advantage of a free consultation with an experienced workers’ comp attorney.

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